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Terms of service

  1. Generally

These terms of purchase and delivery ("Terms of Purchase") apply to www.boulevard49.se (the "Site") which is owned and operated by Boulevard Media AB. With us you can buy fantastic products from big and small designers and brands. We offer you a carefully selected range of the most innovative as well as classic design items from Scandinavia and around the world.

The purchase terms are applied to all purchases and orders made on the site by customers who are resident in Sweden. In cases where the customer resides in another EU Member State other than Sweden, the conditions apply in those parts where they do not deviate from consumer legislation in the customer\'s country. We follow the consumer law legislation in the customer\'s country where this is prescribed by EU rules.

You as a customer with us have the right to request information about your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. You also have the right to request that your personal data be changed or deleted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We have a goal to answer your case within48 hoursduring working days.


1.1 Information and contact details

Head office
Boulevard Media AB
Boulevards 49
183 74 Täby

Stock and return address
Boulevard Media AB
Boulevards 49
183 74 Täby

Business information
Boulevard Media AB
Org.nr 556693-7677
Momsreg.nr SE556693767701


1.2 Agreement on purchase

Purchase agreements are entered into when you choose to register your order at checkout. Order confirmation is then generated automatically without manual review. If a possible error in the order occurs, we will contact you to handle the matter further, it may be a reservation, that the item you ordered has changed delivery time or other unforeseen events.


1.3 Age limit

We only enter into agreements with adults (18 years and over). Any exceptions exist in accordance with the Parental Code.


1.4 Prices

The prices we have on the site are our current prices included25% moms.VAT is included in the total cost that you see at checkout. If the VAT is changed, we reserve the right to change the prices corresponding to the change. Price adjustments can also be made at any time without notice. Prices do not include shipping costs. Any shipping costs will be added and added to the checkout before you complete your purchase.


1.5 Incorrect prices

We have a lot of products on the website and in some isolated and unusual cases a price can be wrong. If you bought a product at a manifestly incorrect price, we will contact you and in these cases we reserve the right to adjust the price, as well as charge the difference, or allow you to cancel the purchase and receive a refund. We also reserve the right to make printing errors and inaccuracies in our marketing, newsletters and other external communication. In these channels, the same applies as for obviously incorrect prices on the site.


1.6 Availability

We strive to have as much as possible in our own warehouse, but a certain proportion of our range is made to order. As soon as we receive your order, we place an order with our supplier. Should the delivery be delayed or if the product is no longer available from the supplier, we will contact you via E-mail. In cases where the product is no longer available, we will credit your purchase.


1.7 Warranties

As we are resellers, we follow the manufacturer\'s recommendations. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties and in cases where this is relevant, you will find more information in the product description. You obviously have a three-year right of complaint according to the Consumer Purchase Act if the product you bought does not have a guarantee, see point 6 below.


1.8 Product information and pictures

We reserve the right that product information available on the website may be incorrect due to printing errors or technical errors. Please note that product images on the website can sometimes differ from reality and are not always an exact representation of the real product. Colors, materials, and appearance may vary due to image quality and display settings.


  1. Deliveries


2.1 Delivery options

To offer the best packaging solution and fast deliveries, your order can be shipped in two or more packages. This is then stated in the tracking link you receive in your delivery confirmation. Your packages may arrive at the collection point at different times, but you should always be able to track your shipments via the forwarder\'s website. Bulky goods are sent as home delivery and other to your nearest postal agent.


2.2 Delimitations

We do not deliver abroad from the Swedish site.

2.3 Handling time

For orders where all products are in stock, we normally have a handling time of1-4 working daysbefore they are sent with a freight forwarder from our warehouse. If the product is not in stock, we first place an order with our supplier. As soon as the product is back in stock, normal handling time applies. During holidays and major holidays such as Christmas shopping and Black Friday, the handling time can be affected.


2.4 Delivery times

On the site, we communicate the expected delivery time on each product page when it comes to order items that we do not have in stock. These delivery times vary between different suppliers and can change continuously. We can not affect our suppliers\' delivery time to our warehouse, but will notify you via E-mail in the event of any delays according to point2.5below.

Please note that we can not provide any guarantees for our suppliers\' delivery times to our central warehouse, please see point2.7below.


2.5 Notifications and confirmations

2.5.1 Order confirmation

After the order has been completed, you will shortly afterwards receive an order confirmation with information about your purchase, as well as the current stock status for all order lines.

2.5.2 Updated delivery information

Should your delivery be delayed, you will be notified by E-mail as soon as we have received a new expected delivery date from our supplier. The same applies if any of your products run out at the supplier.

2.5.3 Delivery notice

When your order is sent from our warehouse, you will then receive a delivery notification via E-mail. The delivery note contains a tracking link so that you can track your order all the way to your home or to an agent.

2.5.4 SMS notification

Finally, you will be notified via SMS when your / your packages are available for collection or when you can expect home delivery. Your packages may arrive at the collection point at different times, but you should always be able to track your shipments via the forwarder\'s website.


2.6 Partial deliveries

To offer the best packaging solution and fast deliveries, your order can be shipped in two or more packages. This is then stated in the tracking link you receive in your delivery confirmation. Your packages may arrive at the collection point at different times, but you should always be able to track your shipments via the forwarder\'s website. Bulky goods are sent as home delivery and other to your nearest postal agent.

This also applies to orders where parts of the order are not in stock and must be ordered from the supplier. In these cases, you will receive several deliveries.


2.7 Delivery delays, compensation claims and insurance

When your order has left our warehouse, the delivery responsibility passes to the shipping company and we can not provide a delivery guarantee. We reserve the right to waive all claims for compensation to the customer regarding delivery delays caused by our suppliers or by shipping companies after collection at our central warehouse. All shipments are sent fully insured.


2.8 Bulky goods and home deliveries

When ordering furniture or other products that are bulky and do not fit at a postal agent, we offer home delivery. Home deliveries are not normally included in our offers for free shipping. Please see our separate page for delivery options for details, prices and updated information on home deliveries of bulky goods.


2.9 Uncollected package

Your package is normally left with the agent / terminal in7-14 daysafter it has arrived, depending on which freight forwarder you have chosen. For more information about the length of stay that applies to your package, we refer you to the respective forwarder. Should you not pick up your package within these days, the package will be returned to us and we will charge you200 krfor uncollected packages. If you regret when the package has been sent from us, you need to receive the package and then send it back to us, otherwise it will be registered as an "uncollected package" and you as a customer will be charged the corresponding amount.


2.10 Store & Collect

You can choose to have your delivery to our store for collection. This delivery option is always free. However, we do not offer delivery to a store for furniture or other bulky goods. Otherwise, the same rules apply as for agents, see point2.7and2.9.


  1. Payment


3.1 Clear Checkout

In collaboration with Klarna, we offer payment with Klarna Checkout. Klarna Checkout gathers all the important payment methods in one and the same solution - choose between direct bank and card payment, invoice or partial payment (payment options can vary over time). You decide which payment method you want to use at checkout, before you confirm the purchase. Card and bank payments are made smoothly without you having to leave the site.

Invoice or partial payment means that you get the goods home before you pay. You can then choose to either pay the full amount at once or divide it into smaller parts. Due dates may differ and appear on the invoice or installment notice sent to you. Delivery method and any additional fees are shown at checkout before you confirm the purchase.

To be able to choose an invoice or partial payment, you must enter your population registration address as the delivery address and you must be 18 years of age at the time of ordering. A minor credit check is performed, which in some cases means that a credit report is taken. In the event of late or non-payment, a late fee and default interest will be charged.

At Klarna you can see all your unpaid invoices from Klarna.


3.2 Refunds

Once we have received, processed and approved your return to our warehouse, your refund will be established. Terms and handling time for this are handled separately under item 5 below. A confirmation is then sent via E-mail and a refund is always made via the same payment method used when you completed your purchase.



  1. Gift cards and discount codes

At the checkout on the site, you have the opportunity to fill in a code for a gift card and / or discount code.


4.1 General information about gift cards

You can buy gift cards here on the site or in our physical store. Gift cards purchased online are delivered digitally via E-mail. The gift cards can be purchased with a value of any amount between SEK 100 - 5000 and can be redeemed both online and in our store. For the purchase of gift cards, card payment is the means of payment that is approved. Any discounts can not be combined when buying a gift card.


4.2. Validity period for gift cards

Our gift cards are valid for one year after activation.


4.4 General information about discount codes

Sometimes we go out with offers in the form of discount codes. Discount codes cannot be combined and do not apply to items that are reduced in price during a promotion. If you have used a discount code that is not issued to you, we reserve the right to refuse the use, and contact you to cancel your order or debit the discounted amount.


4.5 Dissemination of discount codes

It is not allowed to share discount codes publicly on social media or other external channels, unless this has been clearly communicated and approved by us.


4.6 Open purchase

Open purchase does not apply to the purchase of gift cards.


  1. Right of withdrawal and returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the day you received your order. If your order has been delivered in several rounds, the date for each product and delivery applies.



5.1 Right of withdrawal

5.1.1 Undo an order that has not been handled

If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal and processing of your order has not started, you can cancel your purchase. If your order is partially delivered and you want to exercise the right of withdrawal on the part of your order that has not yet been handled by our warehouse staff, you can also cancel that part of your purchase. You can also remove products from your order after it has been placed, provided that handling of these has not started. To cancel your order or remove products from it, please contact our customer service: order@boulevard49.se

5.1.2 Cancel order after delivery

If you want to exercise your right of withdrawal on an order after stock management has begun, you must receive the order and then return it to us in the usual way. If you do not collect the order, it will be treated as an uncollected order according to point2.9in the terms of purchase

5.1.3 Validity

Cancellation is not valid until you have received a confirmation from us via E-mail or telephone.


5.2 Returns

Should you not be satisfied with the item, you can send it back to us and get the money back for your return minus return shipping that you need to pay for yourself. Please contact us before sending anything back, this because the handling of the return will be faster.


5.3 Condition of the goods

You have the right to unpack and check the product\'s finish and function. The goods must be in original condition and packed in original packaging when they are returned to us. Note that the original packaging should not be used as an outer carton as the product may be damaged and you may receive a depreciation deduction. The product must be in unchanged condition and, for example, not assembled if the product you ordered requires assembly.


5.4 Depreciation deduction

We reserve the right to make a depreciation deduction if the condition of the product has changed to such an extent that it can no longer be sold to another customer without making a deduction on the sales price. The deduction is made on the total return amount before it is refunded to you. We make an assessment at each unique return about the size of the deduction, but the smallest deduction is200 kr.




5.5 Transport responsibility

Transport responsibility means that you are responsible for your shipment arriving intact to us. Therefore, pack the goods extra carefully so that they are not damaged during the journey and use an alternative where you can track the shipment, such as a package or registered letter. When returning packages from abroad, it is very important that you mark the package with RETURN to avoid extra costs.


5.6 Handling time

From the time your return arrives at our warehouse, we reserve a handling time of up to10 working daysto inspect the condition of the product and register the returned products.


5.7 Refund

We make the refund after the processing time and when your return is registered and approved by our warehouse staff. It then takes normal5-7 banking daysbefore the money has been refunded to your account. A confirmation is sent via E-mail and a refund is always made to the same debit card that was used when you completed your purchase. If you have chosen to pay by invoice, Klarna will contact you at your E-mail address for further information regarding the refund.


5.8 Return to store

At present, we unfortunately do not offer returns in stores for goods purchased online.


5.9 Return of special order

The right of return does not apply to special orders. An order is a special order if it concerns an item that is not on the website, for example if you contact customer service to buy a spare part for a product. You will be informed by customer service in advance if your order counts as a special order.

  1. Complaints


6.1 General conditions

We apply the Consumer Purchase Act\'s right of complaint after you have received the product. This presupposes that all care instructions are followed and that normal care is observed. In the event of a complaint, we recommend that you contact our customer service for faster handling, who will then further assist you with the procedure. You will then be asked to provide photo evidence where the error / defect is clear.

In the event of a complaint, the error must be reported as soon as possible or as soon as the error has been discovered. Notification of defects in the product within two (2) months is always considered within a reasonable time. In the event of an approved complaint, we are the dealer for all costs that can be linked to the return, including all shipping.


6.2 Procedure

Should you not be satisfied with the product or if it has broken in the delivery, we want you to send in pictures of the defect together with your order number via the contact form. As soon as we have received this, we will get back to you with an answer in your case.


6.3 Fees

In the event of a complaint being granted, a prepaid return shipping note will be sent to you by customer service if we deem that a return is necessary. (In some cases, no return of the defective product is required.) Once we have received the complained product, the defect will be re-examined and a new product will then be sent to you. You thus pay no return shipping for the advertised item or the shipping for the new item.


  1. Privacy Policy

We protect your privacy. We therefore want to inform you about how we process the personal data that you provide to us and what rights you have. This is addressed in particular in our privacy policy.


  1. Dispute

Complaints or comments regarding our services or products should be notified to our customer service via email. If you are not satisfied with our handling of your case, you are welcome to contact your local consumer counselor or the General Complaints Board (ARN). We always follow ARN\'s recommendations. Contact information:

General Complaints Board
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm

The European Commission also has a website that will make it easier for consumers and traders to resolve disputes through an online system (ADR / ODR) Alternative or Online Dispute Resolution.


  1. Force Majeure

We are exempt from the penalty for failure to fulfill a certain obligation in this agreement if the failure is based on liberating circumstances as below and the circumstance complicates, prevents or delays the fulfillment. As a liberating circumstance shall be considered to be, inter alia, government action or omission, amended or new legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade / strike, fire or flood, sabotage or major-scale accident. Force majeure also includes authorities\' decisions that negatively affect the market and products, such as restrictions, warnings, sales bans, etc.



Terms of purchase in store


  • Right of exchange and open purchase is valid for 14 days upon presentation of a receipt and be in original packaging. Does not apply to light bulbs, SALES, display copies, jewelry, gift cards and special orders. Returns and exchanges can be made in store Boulevard 49 if the product is in our online range. Repayment is made on the same card as at the time of purchase. The store can only accept exchanges and returns that are purchased in the store.


  • When ordering from the store with delivery home or to an agent, you / the recipient must be at the delivery address for identification and receipt of products. You / the recipient must check that the delivery is undamaged and complete. If the delivery is damaged or if the package is missing, this must be noted on the bid\'s consignment note / hand scanner before signing is carried out. When signing a consignment note / hand scanner, you / the recipient are legally responsible for ensuring that information about the goods handed over is truthful.


  • For home delivery, ensure that your delivery can be carried in without risk of damaging goods, person or your property. Also make sure that your goods go into such as stairwells / elevators / doors. You as a customer are responsible for making this possible. If delivery can not be carried out due to obstacles with you, the shipping company takes the delivery back, and you as a customer will be charged SEK 200.


  • When your order has left our warehouse, the delivery responsibility passes to the shipping company. We reserve the right to absolve ourselves from all claims for compensation to customers regarding delivery delays caused by our suppliers or by shipping companies after collection at our warehouse. Our delivery times on the website are an estimate of how long the delivery time is from our suppliers, this can be changed from the supplier and then we will inform the customer about this. All shipments are sent fully insured.


  • In the event of a complaint when buying in a store, please contact the store. In the case of bulky goods, please briefly state the reason for the complaint. A close-up and an overall picture. Then send an email with the pictures, the explanation and your contact information to Boulevard 49\'s email.

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