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Since 1947, the box has been manufactured by a family-owned company in Eskilstuna, which started its production as early as the 1940s.

in other words re: eat knows what a craft is! The box is made of Swedish stainless steel, it is manufactured and produced in the same way, still with the same machines as it did at the start. They produce every can with love and precision.

re: eat buys steel from a local player and production takes place in Eskilstuna where it gets its final finish.

The people who run re: eat are called Dennis and Beatrice, they are engaged and driven by knowing that they can offer YOU a pure craft that breathes history but above all Swedish quality.

"We know that this product has been loved by millions of people in the past and we are proud to be able to reintroduce the smash hit box in version 2.0 on the market again!"

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